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our local chefs bring a unique and memorable culinary experience to YOU!

get in touch with your inner chef

Food brings people together! Cooking in your kitchen will not only bring a sense of fulfillment but also help you to slow down and enjoy life.   At TCM we grow your knowledge of food to make you a master of your kitchen. Join us for one of our many events or book us for a private party, to create a truly memorable bonding experience. 

Chef Jenn at The Culinary Masterpiece getting ready to pop homemade christmas cookies in the oven during a children oriented baking class.

It all began long ago in a kitchen, surrounded by family and friends enjoying a meal together; an experience we’ve been able to pass on to our children. Through the years, our love of food and family inspired us to dive deeper into the culinary world and explore more creative ways to bring our families and friends into the kitchen around amazing food!  

Our culinary story

Whether you are a new couple who wants to learn to cook together or someone looking to introduce a healthier diet and “eat-in” more often – we’ve got something for you! Are you and your spouse “empty-nesters” looking for something fun to do together on date night – here’s your something fun!  


Maybe you’re someone who is considering a future career as a chef, but not sure where to start – we are here to help! You may be a parent, looking for a creative idea for your children’s next birthday party – look no further! We have something for everyone at every skill level and we are here to help make cooking not only fun but to create a memorable experience each time you’re here. 

The Culinary Masterpiece is your home away from home where you can have culinary experiences with friends and family.