Jenny Juice

Sometimes your body just needs a healthy and refreshing cleanse.


Our Jenny Juice 6-Pack Kit is a freshly pressed juice kit containing 6 different, seasonal juices that can be consumed on your schedule.


No preservatives.

No artificial colors.

No additives.

Just fresh fruits and veggies.

As the seasons change, our kits change. We use seasonal ingredients to give you the best and freshest juices.

Treat yourself and your body to a daily Jenny Juice. Our cold-pressed juices are made entirely of the freshest and best seasonal fruits and veggies. No additives. No preservatives. No artificial colors or flavors. Just 100% natural fruit and veggie juice!

The 6-pack kit gives Jenny Juice lovers the opportunity and flexibility to enjoy more of Chef Jenn’s fresh-pressed juices. Enjoy a daily juice for 6 days. Have two juices a day for 3 days. Or choose any other juicing schedule

that works for YOU!

Exciting JJ News!

We are looking forward to providing our new

6-pack Jenny Juice Kit

for pickup on January 10, 2022! 

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