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Our Story

Our culinary story began years ago in a kitchen, as children, surrounded by family and friends enjoying a meal together; an experience we’ve been able to pass on to our children.  Through the years, our love of food and family inspired us to dive deeper into the culinary world and explore more creative ways to bring our families and friends into the kitchen around amazing food!  

Combining years of education, experience, and practice, our local chefs want to bring a unique and memorable culinary experience to YOU!  In a busy, tech-filled world, it’s easy to get caught up and too busy to cook a meal in your kitchen.  We feel that cooking in your kitchen is something that will not only bring a sense of fulfillment but also help you to slow down and enjoy life, around some amazing food!


Whether you are a new couple who wants to learn to cook together or someone looking to introduce a healthier diet and “eat-in” more often – we’ve got something for you!  Are you and your spouse “empty-nesters” looking for something fun to do together on date night – here’s your something fun!  Maybe you’re someone who is considering a future career as a chef, but not sure where to start – we are here to help!  You may be a mom, looking for a creative idea for your children’s next birthday party – look no further!  We have something for everyone at every skill level and we are here to help make cooking not only fun, but to create a memorable experience each time you’re here.

Our Team


Emily Solar

Emily is our sous chef. She started at the Culinary Masterpiece in December 2020. She helps with the day-to-day activities including meal prep and teaching. She studied culinary at Joliet Junior College. Emily has enjoyed cooking since she was a child but her passion is baking. When she is not cooking or baking Emily loves to play video games and hang out with her two cats, Mangoes and Cinder.


Jackie Ham

Jackie is our word wizard. From Facebook posts to class descriptions, Jackie paints a beautiful picture of everything The Culinary Masterpiece has to offer. Jackie started working with Jenn in May of 2020 and fell in love with the mission behind this local business. She saw the positive impact it had on her community and knew she had to bring her talents to the kitchen. When she's not brainstorming with Jenn or googling synonyms for descriptors, you can usually find Jackie running, climbing, hiking, or petting a dog. "The Culinary Masterpiece offers a safe space for families and friends to come together, laugh, and learn without judgment or negativity. Supporting local businesses is more important now than ever, and what better business to support than one that wants to bring nothing but love (and delicious food) to the community."


Kayla Duffy

My name is Kayla, and I'm 18 years old. The first class I took at The Culinary Masterpiece was PJs and Crepes, and after that, my mom signed me up for the 6-week Baking Course. What I like about The Culinary Masterpiece are the different techniques and tips Chef Jenn gives. Also, all food we make is fresh! These classes aren't only for kids but for adults too. Come try one class and see how you like it!


Keith Jorgensen

Though an entrepreneur himself, Keith was drawn to The Culinary Masterpiece for both his love of home cooking and the kitchen’s motto “Kitchens are made to bring families together”. After reconnecting with Chef Jenn (as co-graduates of Marian Catholic’s class of ’97), Keith quickly discovered they shared a love of food, family along side of the freedom that entrepreneurship can bring. Keith owns Poetic Productions, a successful video business of 17 years, and brings the small business expertise he has learned from his years of experience to our kitchen. When he is not focusing on our kitchen's operations in accounting, payroll, and cost analysis, Keith also loves craft beer, a piping cup of coffee and a delicious gourmet meal, especially one made at The Culinary Masterpiece. When you arrive to our kitchen for a class, don’t be surprised if the first person you meet is Keith as he warmly welcomes you along with other local community members to The Culinary Masterpiece family. “Chef Jenn and her team are my family away from home. It is a joy to leave one home to go to work at my other."


Lorenzo Nirchi

Italy born Lorenzo Nirchi has always been passionate about food. As a little boy cooking beside his mother, Lorenzo learned the kitchen is the heart of the home. His family immigrated from Pofi, Italy near Rome. He discovered at an early age how to make family and friends happy with his delicious recipes.

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Taylor Stiles

Hey, I’m Taylor! I’ve been working at The Culinary Masterpiece since October of 2020!  Working at The Culinary Masterpiece has felt like a dream. I’ve gotten so many opportunities and met so many new people. The first day I walked through those doors and saw the place I automatically fell in love! I personally feel like baking and cooking is an art because you can come up with new recipes - the options are endless!  With cooking and baking, there are no limits. You can be as creative as you want! A couple of things about me: I love to bake and cook, I used to be a student at The Culinary Masterpiece, I love working with kids and I play volleyball. A huge shout out and thanks to Chef Jenn, the owner of The Culinary Masterpiece, for all the work and effort she puts in behind the scenes to make the classes and the business a success!